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Powerbronze from Europes leading manufacturer of motorcycle accessories - Now available in Australia
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Powerbronze Huggers protect you and your suspension. Each comes pre-drilled with all mountings - no drilling, no cutting!

Made from a high impact ABS polycarbonate for a smooth internal finish and 'rolled' edges. Available in Black or Carbon-Look and selected models Lime, Red or White, also some models now available in genuine Carbon Fibre.

All Powerbronze Huggers use "Posi-Flex" steel sleeved rubber mounting points to dampen vibration and avoid cracking. Some models are the "Traditional" shape with built-in chainguard; others are the latest "vented" look with mesh side panels. Either way a Powerbronze Hugger will improve the look of any bike.

Tail Guards
Tail Guard

Clean up the rear end of your machine and stay "legal" with a Powerbronze Tailguard with a great racer look. The numberplate fits directly under the lights for a smart, sleek & clean look. Original indicators, or optional flush-mounted low profile, or our Powerbronze mini LED stem blinkers can be fitted with ease. Specific to each bike - styles including the popular 'Shotgun' & the new "Shotgun LED" or Single LED tail/brake light types, some models use the original tail/brake lights. Instructions & fitting kit is supplied! Available in Black or Carbon-Look and selected models Lime, Red or White.



Seat Cowls

Seat Cowel
Seat Cowl

A smooth aerodynamic racing profile requires a Powerbronze solo seat conversion. The Seat Cowl adds style & individuality to your bike & in some States it can reduce the cost of insurance premiums.

No modification is required to the bike's original bodywork. Simple and easy to fit - some models have a back rest pad or retain the rear cushion for comfort, some fit over the seat cushion others are a screw down bracket.

Made from Hi-impact ABS Polycarbonate plastic same as your bike's "duck tail" & available in Black, Carbon-Look or White and a few selected models Lime or Red, (these items are not painted therefore are not a guaranteed colour match). RRP: from $170






Belly Pans
Belly Pan

The Powerbronze Belly Pan or a specific Lower Fairing, adds a stylish touch & protection to any exposed lower half. Tailored to fit some specific models or for your unique project a "universal" kit is also available. Made from our recognised quality high impact ABS polycarbonate for a smooth internal finish and 'rolled' edges. These profiled cowlings are available in Black or Carbon-Look and selected models Lime, Red, White or Yellow, complete with full instructions & fitting kit.

All Powerbronze Huggers use "Posi-Flex" steel sleeved rubber mounting points for a secure fit. A Powerbronze Belly Pan or Lower Fairing will improve the look of any bike.


Many styles & types of Fairings to choose from including the popular Bikini Type or Headlamp Fairing, provides protection & comfort for any rider. Powerbronze Fairings are used by UK Automobile Association for patrol bike and are proven to be highly reliable. Most designs will reduce rider-fatigue by deflecting airflow over and around the body.

All are easy to fit & some have headlamps that will simply plug into your existing wiring harness. There are many different styles & setups to suit all models including "Naked" & "Retro" bikes. Available in Black or carbon-look finishes.

Cooler Grills
Cooler Grill

A must for dusty roads in Australian conditions maintains stability of your cooling system & protects your valuable radiator from stones and debris. Available to suit selected models only (mostly suited to naked bikes). Made from premium grade Stainless Steel with laser cut patterning these classy protectors will suit all lovers of good looking bikes.



The "Eliminator"
The Eliminator

The Powerbronze "Eliminator" made from "A" grade Stainless Steel & polished gleaming finish is a familiar sight on many bikes for its stunning looks and superb durability. These quality items have been developed now for many models to remove that ugly 'shovel end' under the ducktail or for those bikes with high-level pipes.

Powerbronze are increasing the available range to other bikes, where a normal "Tailguard" is not a practical solution. Also allow for original "stem" blinkers or any of our many after market styles to be fitted.

Lens Shields

R1 07 Titanium

Z750 07

GSXR1000 07

This creates a very individual look and matches your Powerbronze Screen perfectly. Also awarded TUV type approval in Europe the Powerbronze Lens Covers are made from the same high quality Perspex™ so carry the same strength and clarity.

Colours available: Clear, Light Tint & Dark Tint. Also a great range of designer colours: Solid Black - Blue - Electric Blue - Amber - Yellow - Dark Green - Lime Green - Violet - Fluorescent Yellow - Fluorescent Green, Plus all Iridium colours except Red.













Rad Spoiler
Rad Spoiler

Rad Spoilers improve the look of your naked bike & help sweep air into your cooling system. Made from the usual unparalleled Powerbronze quality high impact ABS these handy accessories can be fitted on their own or with our "Cooler Grille" to complete a stylish & customised finish to your prize project. Black or Carbon Look finish available.



Retro Screens
Retro Screens

The Headlamp Screens/Fairings are designed to suit most retro-machines, these will retain standard mirrors and indicators. A universal fitting kit & instructions supplied, allows simple and straight forward installation to most round headlamp naked bikes.



Yellow Box Speedo Re-Calibrator

Click to view Yellow Box instructions

Some Features.....

  • high quality plated through whole PCB
  • hand inspected and tested at many stages
  • epoxy encapsulated for shock proofing
  • no corrosive electrolyte capacitors used
  • all parts over-rated by a large margin
  • rugged spike filtering of power and inputs
  • gold plated switch contacts
  • double tensioned connectors

The "Original" unit released to the world & always acknowledged as the worlds best speedo re-calibrator due to it's advanced features, precision and small size, the "Yellow Box" accurately corrects speedometer error. It also provides simple conversion from kph to mph for imported vehicles.
Version 4 (latest release) is even smaller and lighter in weight than other models.

The V4 product has gained speed improvements over competitors and two versions were released; still a unit for bikes and now car unit also. A special kph-mph conversion mode was added to provide mph conversion for imported vehicles. Like all the previous Yellow Box models the V4 has the flashing light feature and special test modes.

Built for reliability.

This is not a cheaply made imported, mass produced, disposable product. Great care is taken at every stage of manufacture & assembly so that every Yellow Box lives up to our reputation for excellent reliability. As you would expect from the original & the World's best unit the Yellow Box V4 speedo recalibrator is now backed with a new 10-year replacement guarantee.



Digi Gear Indicator

This is a small cubed LCD unit that is mounted on your dash to clearly display the gear you have chosen. Available for all bikes with electronic rev counter, speedometer & negative ground system. The DiGi is exclusively manufactured in UK and is the most reliable Gear Indicator unit available to the market.

Automatic light dimmer will adjust the brightness of the display for day & night usage for comfort.

An inbuilt micro sensor computes pulses from the Speedo & Rev Counter to memorise engine to road speed and therefore the correct gear selected.

Installation can be done by any competent handyman or your favourite mechanic or motorcycle specialist.

RRP: $220.00 + postage

Carbon Fibre Items

Carbon Fibre Items
Carbon Fibre Items

Genuine "wet" moulded and hand crafted Huggers, Chainguards, Heel Plates & Front Mudguards. These are truly in a class above the rest. Powerbronze quality is always No.1 in the World - selected models only with more released soon. Huggers and Front Mudguards offer "vented" panels in either Gold or Silver mesh to match your project. These items will add that little extra "finesse" to fine quality bikes.



The original and still the best "RegoTube"

Rego Tube

Rego Tube

Tough & waterproof clear polycarbonate RegoTube, allows unobtrusive mounting and viewing. Simply secure your registration label sticker onto a plastic sheet and slide into the RegoTube & seal with the stopper. Can be mounted just about anywhere on your bike to stay within the law. No more lost plastic squares & labels, you can even use this on the trailer / caravan, or the off road bike to hold maps or keep small items dry.

Price RRP is $28 + postage



Power Rods

Click to view a larger image

Click to view a larger image

Click to view a larger image

Use your imagination and have some fun creating your own different lighting effects with Power Rods.

Power Rods come in 12 Light or 6 Light lengths with super bright LED’s in a range of colours to make your machine glow with delight.

Power Rods have a flexible adhesive base fore easy installation to almost any surface. Complete with terminal block, they can operate with all 12V bikes power supply and feature long thin wires for discrete installing. No resistors or relays are required for the Power Rods.

Power Rods 258 mm strips with 12 x LED coloured lights - or 133 mm strips with 6 x LED coloured lights - Available in Red, Amber, Blue, Green, & White lights.






Mudguard Extenders

To improve the protection of your paintwork, engine and radiator, these extenders are easily fitted in a few minutes and a complimentary "Powerbronze Racing" badge is supplied. Manufactured in ABS high impact plastic and available for many models - check yours on the "Online Shop".






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